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Samsung Galaxy M Series? All our spare parts for the repair of M series models

After many series of phones, including the well-known A, S or Note series, the Korean giant Samsung is adding the M series to its Samsung Galaxy phone models in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy M range has also replaced the Galaxy J, merged with the Galaxy A to offer ever more competitive smartphones in the face of the emergence of new players and mobile manufacturers. It was therefore in 2019 that the M range was born, with around ten different telephone models offered at less than €300. Not (too) expensive phones, similar in many ways to smartphones from the Galaxy A range.... with one major difference: the battery capacity. With its M range, Samsung signs a line of phones with powerful batteries, capable of carrying up to 2 days of use, for ideal everyday use. Samsung logic is respected, once again, with the Galaxy M series: the higher the phone model number (located after the letter), the more advanced features the phone offers. For example, a Samsung Galaxy M31 will therefore be a little more powerful and versatile than its cousin, the Galaxy M30, but less powerful than an M40. On this point, Samsung has not changed its method, and so much the better, if we consider the dozens and dozens of existing models!

However, the Samsung Galaxy M are not immune to wear and tear. And with outlet prices below €300, needless to say that in the event of a breakdown, scratch or major shock, repair can quickly become a crucial issue: repair or replace your Galaxy M? MCS-Parts, specialist in spare parts for smartphone repair, has selected quality spare parts and components for you, guaranteed, at attractive prices, so that you can repair your Samsung Galaxy M without paying too much. And unless you have problems with the motherboard, the repair will always cost you less than replacing your mobile device. Without counting on the fact that it will be an ecological gesture, making it possible to reduce electronic waste and fighting against planned obsolescence. With MCS-Parts, replace your components, not your equipment! Can't find the part you need for your repair? Contact our Customer Service by phone. Our technicians and advisers will help you find the best repair solution.