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Huawei PSmart 2019 repair: repair rather than throw away with MCS-Parts

Good model, good student, the Huawei PSmart 2019 is not infallible. A fall, a major shock, or even planned obsolescence can be right for this model from the Chinese manufacturer. Rather than throwing it away and replacing it, opt to fix it! This is what MCS-Parts has been offering since 2013. As a specialist in spare parts for smartphone repair, MCS-Parts offers to replace your components, not your equipment! It is not only much more economical, but also more ecological, since it reduces electronic waste.


Do you have the Huawei PSmart 2019, and have a problem, a breakdown with it? By dint of being used, and solicited daily, your Huawei PSmart 2019 shows signs of fatigue? The battery is starting to fail, and your autonomy with it? It empties too quickly, or seems abnormally swollen, or even overheated? Your screen is broken, broken or cracked following a major shock? Whether it still works or doesn't work at all, it doesn't matter: the damage is done, because small dust and humidity can now seep inside, and damage your internal components. The touch bug, nothing happens when you press the screen, or you have to press very hard for something to happen? Find on this page all of our spare parts available for this model.


If your problem concerns the screen, choose your new screen from our various parts on offer. MCS-Parts offers several choices to meet all the expectations of its (future) repairers. Complete screen unit with compatible chassis, compatible touch screen, or Original screen? With the latter, it's simple: it is exactly the same screen as that offered by the Chinese giant, allowing you to find exactly the same performance and characteristics as originally. If your breakdown or problem is more about the battery, replace it with this compatible battery for Huawei PSmart 2019, which will allow you to regain all the autonomy of the first day. Always with a guarantee, as on all of our components. Also find our other PSmart 2019 components: rear camera protection lens or charging connector module. Can't find the spare part or component you need, or have a doubt about which spare part to order so you don't get confused?


Do not forget to equip yourself with good tools to carry out your repair: MCS-Parts has selected professional tools and with a good quality/price ratio. Opening, taking off, screwing... all our tools are also used daily in our repair workshops by our technicians, to be found in our "Tools" section.