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Samsung Galaxy A11 (A115F)

Here is the Galaxy A11, a complete entry-level smartphone, offering a triple photo sensor, solid autonomy and a large screen with good dimensions, in addition to a fingerprint reader. With its 6.4 inches, the Samsung A11's Infinity-O IPS LCD screen occupies more than 80% of the front surface, placing it in the category of borderless smartphones, or full screen.

But if it occupies a primordial place, the screen is in parallel (unfortunately) the first victim of shocks and falls. If your Samsung A11 has been dropped, your screen may have broken on impact or suffered significant damage. Broken screen or display problems invite themselves uninvited in a fraction of a second: green / greenish screen, lines on the screen (usually black in color), or even black screen that no longer lights up at all… therefore, it is difficult or even impossible for you to use your A11. And even if it still works, the screen is broken and the surrounding moisture/dust seeps inside your phone, possibly damaging your internal components.

Are you looking for an economical solution to find your Samsung A11 like the first day? MCS-Parts offers to replace your components, not your equipment! No need to run and change your phone at the slightest "small problem": by repairing your smartphone yourself, you save a lot of money while fighting against planned obsolescence.